Betrayed by brett hart

Hello. I am Gatehood. And today I’d like to talk about a certain individual known across the internet as Brett Hard. Last month, he and I were friends and we made a podcast together in which we discussed the Baha’i faith. And I also talked briefly about my allegiance to Unitarian Universalism. A link to that video is below in the description. Well, a couple of weeks after this, Brett was banned from the X Baha’i subreddit, a link to which is also below. And this was done for him fighting with another member and which who was also banned by the way, and also for making threats at the moderators of the subreddit for the way they managed it. I expressed my profound disappointment over this, since he had clearly brought this punishment on himself. His response to this was to turn completely against me. And he began to attack me in the most ridiculous terms. A link to the blog entry documenting this is also below. Not content with this slander. He further defamed my character with a second video in which he accused me of somehow being racist. A link to that video is also below, so watch that diatribe and then come back and finish this. Ok. Question How could it have been acceptable for him to collaborate with me only a month before and then begin slamming me for views and perspectives I do not have, and he cannot prove I have regarding race relations.

The simple truth is that Brett Zell has always had a psychotic, bigoted hatred of white people. Now, of course, white people in power have been responsible for a great many evil things over the past several centuries. Does that mean that all white people should be condemned for what their ancestors have done? Well, he does clearly thinks so. He only found me useful because of my devastating attacks against the Baha’i faith, and thus I was an outlier to him. Much like a white supremacist like Donald, Trump can find good blacks useful to them, even while demonizing blacks in general, such as Barack Obama. And why heat Israel’s eyes? I was a good white person, but the moment I stopped being useful to us all, he began to treat me instead, like he has always treated white people in general as an enemy. And it isn’t just slandering me. He also attacked a Reddit user known as Christian X. Bihi for being a white American and also repeatedly accused the moderators of the ex-spy of somehow being gatekeepers working for the hyphen Bihi leadership in some fashion. There’s no evidence for that claim, either, and it’s certainly irrational for anyone to assume that all white people, by their very nature, must be racists.

That in itself is a form of bigotry. So now what would you call someone who asserts things as truth that are not really factual? His anger towards me stems solely from my refusing to be one of his few sycophants. Indeed, I am a sycophant to no one. I’m always my own person. If you work with me, we must be equals. I don’t blindly follow anyone. If he was thinking me and those lowly terms, then he was wrong. Many times he addressed me as a brother in our battles against the Baha’i faith. But the thing about being someone’s brother is that you don’t allow simple disagreements to pull you apart from that other person. What he saw is actually a liar, backstabber and bigot, and no one should ever take his insane rant seriously. Now, I have to wonder if others have also been betrayed and backstab like Brett is just as I was. If that has happened to you, please send your story to my email address, which is also in the video description. And if I should get one or more of those stories in the next few weeks, I will publish them in a future blog entry in any case. Beware of that extremist. Trust him at your peril.

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