An update on Brett hart

Merry Christmas, in my last video, I told the story of my falling out with Brett Hart, a notorious enemy of the Baha’i faith that I had done a podcast with something I now regret. This is an update. After that last video was made, my original Reddit account was suspended twice the first time on November 22nd for just three days and the second time on December 18th permanently. Both times it was said, I shared personal information about exactly what information was never made clear to me. Both times it was after I fought with followers of Brett dissolved in the ex-spy subreddit, a link to which is below. Now, if you’re going to punish me for wrongdoing, you should at least spell out in some detail what I did wrong, which the Reddit admin never did. Imagine being arrested and brought to trial for bank robbery, but the prosecutor never specifies which bank you supposedly robbed. When did the robbery occur? How much money was stolen? Was anyone injured in the act, and who else might have been involved in the crime? That’s how I was treated, and that’s the red Reddit admin have almost no credibility in my eyes. The rules and how they enforce them are bullshit. After learning what had happened, I quickly made a second account and alerted the moderators of the subreddit about the matter, figuring that Bretta czar would target them for elimination next.

I warned them that any followers of a czar that continued to defend him in that subreddit must also be expelled, just as he was a is an enemy of the Baha’i movement, not a supporter of it, as I mistakenly thought, because he is a leader of his own little cult based on a mixture of the teachings of the Bob and Karl Marx. Yes, that Karl Marx, the Communist Movement founder everything he does and says on his blogs and on YouTube is all about promoting himself and his cult because of the claim that only he has the truth and can be trusted and everyone else is a liar. Sounds cultish to me. Anyway, since Islam and I became enemies, several other enemies of his have contacted me and shared more stories. Some dating back several years of how he defamed them as well. I also was led to an Old Behi forum on Google that had has been abandoned for a long time, except ironically by Brett Ismail, who posts their often. So I decided to drop in and post my own message, totally slamming him. And the link to that is also below. Someday he’s going to have to learn to treat others with respect and stop lying outright about them. Either that or he will continue to be laughed at. Either way, they’ll never get much further being a drama queen.

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